Wednesday, September 8, 2010

¡Dios me mima de una forma INCREIBLE!

Walter´s words have continued with me throughout the week and there is no way of not seeing the truth in them. My days continue to be filled with manifestations after manifestations of Divine accompaniment in everything. Mami doesn´t approve when I use absolutes, because in most cases they can lean towards an exaggeration of the truth, more than the truth. But this, Mami, is an exception. Everything I need, even if I don´t know I need it, is handed to me in a creative and abundant way.

From the simplest details like craving sardines this morning with the left over veggies and seeing that on the table Nazareth had placed a can of sardines. Or the ten hours of sleep I enjoyed last night, after telling God how much I truly needed a deep intense sleep. Ask and you shall receive.

On more elaborate details:

My deepest desire in my work here is that it be a journey with the people of Jean Rabel, in such a way that when I leave the work continue in the hands of the community, if that is their desire. Day by day my desires become realities.

Yvka, one of the mademoiselles who volunteers at Kay Pov, and I are raising funds from the community, local churches, organizations, and people with means in Jean Rabel for Kay Pov. The funds will be collected every September (God-willing) and will go in a micro-financing bank called Fonkoze. From those funds we will pay the administrator of Kay Pov (a position we have created), the lady who washes the clothes and sheets, and any miscellaneous work to be done for maintenance of the grounds, such as leveling out the yard. The administrator of Kay Pov (currently Yvka) is responsible for advocating for the people´s dignity and rights in Kay Pov, seeing that the changes needed occur, administrating all the funds, paying the workers of Kay Pov, buying the materials (soap, detergent, razors, etc.), collecting donations in September, visiting each person in Kay Pov every morning and evening to check on their needs, administer the volunteer work, give them their medicines, etc. The group of older women from the Catholic Church who were responsible for Kay Pov in the past fully agree and support this work, we have worked together with all those involved in Kay Pov and they praise God for the changes. Yvka gives herself completely to the work because she believes in it and the mademoiselles trust her and appreciate her. Thank you God!

The mayor, the pastor of the Catholic Church and the town in general agree with the work and plan on supporting it, an enormous step to where we were before.

What we need falls into our arms, if they´re open.

The theater of the Gospel continues to astound me. On Monday at least forty people came to take part in the preparation of Sunday´s gospel, the room could not house so many people so some crowded around the holes of the walls and the doors to listen and see. The reading was about the shepherd with 100 sheep. Even the parable fit perfectly with the amount of people who came to participate.

The play with the group of theater of the oppressed will be presented in the streets of Jean Rabel with the Haitian rhythm in the drums, songs, and dance. I know; I have yet to write in length about Theater of the Oppressed. Before the month ends I will. I sit in awe as I see the group act out their reality and their situations of oppression, sometimes its nauseating, others infuriating, and each time we learn from one another.

The salsa classes asked to perform a “spektakle,” as they call it. I confess that organizing performances and parties is not my favorite passed time, but I said yes, telling God to illuminate me with the choreography and all the other details. Indeed the Creator of all creation collaborated with me and the dance flowed out.

The yoga classes continue and the back aches are slowly waning.

The list of examples supporting the truth in Walter´s words is endless.

I want to share with you one of last night´s treats… If you can, read a letter that Pierre Teilhard de Chardin wrote to a friend Adore and Trust in God. Another reminder of the Great company we all have.

With you,



  1. I very much share your feelings. When we try to conform our will to the will of the Father we can really feel that he holds us on the palm of his hand or like the psalm says, we feel we are riding on eagles wings. I rejoice with you. May God continue showering his blessings on you and the community. Neida

  2. Manifestations from God come to all us and I find that so many people do not acknowledge it in their own lives. I am so glad that you do, Luisely. God bless and protect you and the people that you serve.

  3. Luisely,

    What an honor to "accompany" you in your work! Here are the photos that Jerry and I took the other day at Kay Pòv, mostly portraits (I'll add other photos once I've gotten them ready):

    And here's what I'd like to have to work with: a line or two for each photo. See how short descriptive titles work on these photos:

    I'm thinking we can start with the names and ages of the Kay Pòv residents and "accompanists," and then work toward a narrative that shows how these lives are related to each other and to the community of Jean-Rabel. Can you help me with this info?