Thursday, March 29, 2012


Lent has been fruitful for me. From the beginning of the season I noticed God telling in prayer, in dreams, to rest. During an hour retreat on Ash Wednesday I noticed that my built fatigue allowed my shoulders to remain a little higher than normal in a state of tension rather than ease. What my body, what my whole self craved was what God was inviting me to... to rest, completely rest in Divine Love.
Wavering at times, but persistent in my desire to inhale and exhale and trust enough in our Abundant Creator to allow my shoulders to relax, God has led me to rest this lent.
My spiritual director asked me where exactly God was leading me to. "Home." I answered. "To an intimate, secure, place where I feel the soil beneath my bare toes and the suns rays on my face, and warmth." "Do you feel any tension or worries in this place where God is leading you." I closed my eyes to see. "None. I'm simly delighting in it."
That is where God's leading me during this lent. Closer to Home.

With you,