Thursday, September 16, 2010


My beloveds!

I haven´t abandoned you, you´ve been in my thoughts and prayers. I´ve received emails regarding the last post, that I did in an attempt to show you that I was still with you, but it didn´t seem to have much success, so here I am.

The two in the last post are Fabio and Pierre (whose mother leaves him in Kay Pov for the elderly to care for him while she goes to the market to sell the goods she can). He fell a week before the picture was taken and still is wounded and that´s why he has the handkerchief wrapped around his arm. All of those in Kay Pov care for him, feeding him (and his mother), scolding him, pampering him, cleaning him, and protecting him. The relationship is beautiful; the way Pierre melts in the arms of Fabio or goes running into his arms in laughter is precious. Pierre adds a spirit to Kay Pov that only a child can add.

This past week prayers were answered, as in every week. The day before Yvka and I were going to go open the account with Madame La Croix and before we began our visits asking for money around the community, three blessings paid us a visit. A priest from Jean Rabel who now resides in the US came along with two of his friends to visit Nazareth. As we sat outside sharing ideas and passions, livestock and dancing, the priest expressed a desire, “I have $5,000 that I had in mind to put towards a center for the elderly, but I have been praying about putting it towards Kay Pov instead.” This came from him, I hadn´t mentioned the ideas or the fundraising. Nazareth immediately directed him towards me, “She´s the one you need to talk to.” The conversation was gloriously providential. The other two gentlemen with him were equally thrilled and willing to pay Kay Pov a visit.

Their eyes, ears, noses, feet, and heart opened to Kay Pov during their visit. They each expressed their desire for the conditions to become more humane, so the conversation continued. Many ideas are swirling in the air, while others are marinating in divine juices, our deep desire is to work with the people of Jean Rabel to hear their desires and to be able to work with them in a sustainable and just way for the people of Kay Pov. We are excited and we need your prayers.

I will keep you updated as we see where God takes us on this journey with Kay Pov. I´m excited!!! So excited!!!

With you,


P.S.: Walter´s better, yesterday evening he told me that God explained to him that I was going to marry a Haitian and have 6 to 7 children and stay net, or for good, in Haiti. I laughed hysterically, telling him that the message still hadn´t gotten it´s way around to me, but I´d be on the lookout. Doctor Geralda visited them today, as promised, explaining all the prescriptions to Yvka, who took on the responsibility of giving them their medications, at the required time and with a little snack if food is needed. I am filled with hope because the last few times that I´ve visited Kay Pov, I´ve met Yvka there doing the same, simply sitting and chatting. They´re our family.


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  2. I am excited for you and Kay Pov. Blessed be God and the people who do his will!!! Another possibility is to bring and organization who promotes sponsoring children. I have four in Africa through Child Fund International. They recently announced that they were going to set up in Haiti. They set centers where children...1-800-776-6767 or Neida

  3. Hey he intentado comunicarme contigo, espero estes bien te felicito por tu labor y me ha llenado de curiosidad ver como la mano de dios te ha traido tanta paz y quisiera poder ayudar. de nuevo mi correo es espero saber de ti.