Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miracles in Stillness

I know, I know, I´ve been slacking. It´s been over 10 days since I´ve written anything, so before telling you my many stories I would like ask for your forgiveness and let you know that I´m not planning on making this the norm.
So now, let the stories begin…
It seems God knew I needed to spend a little bit more time learning the lesson of simply being in the present. Of not preoccupying myself with all the plans I had, but with embracing what is happening now. On Sunday (the 30th), after assuming the recuperation process was at it´s end, my health started going downhill again. By nightfall my fever had risen and my body weakened. The following day I planned on working in Kay Pov with Dianne and Frances, the two ladies who I had planned could accompany me on Monday s to bathe the people of Kay Pov and to wash their abode. Monday morning putting my hair in a ponytail left me out of breath, so I simply prayed and waited. Frances came. I explained their preferences and nuances, gave her the bucket for the water, the lotion, the soap, the mop and blessings, blessings, blessings. Diane did not show and Frances and I knew the task at hand should be done with another. So I asked another friend, Tutti. She explained that if she did not finish making a certain amount of cards for her work she would be behind and then not receive her pay. She looked at me and smiled saying, I can go to work early tomorrow and catch up. I kissed her, blessed them both, and praised God for the miracle. As they washed our loved ones in Kay Pov, cleaned their home, massaged their bodies, I lay in bed and prayed, sending my blessing and love to the two women caring for those in Kay Pov.
With each passing day my health stayed in the same state, as my hopes ascended to levels new to me in Haiti. The opportunity for these miracles to flourish would have vanished if I would have had perfect health. I would have continued being able to go to Kay Pov, visit the women who work at the club. I would have continued as the healthy, foreigner who helps, rather than being seen as a human receiving love and help from others. Lydia would not have administered the flow of people willing to help in Kay Pov on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturday s. Antwanet would have not related to the prostitutes as a fellow mother, as she did when she saw the joy as they read the letter I sent to them out loud wishing them a joyous mother´s day (28th of May here).The conversation I shared with those around me, those who visited me, would not have occurred, conversations where true sentiments flowed out of our hearts and into the other’s open hearts. I bound myself with the other. Relationships are all turning aright: the community of Jean Rabel with Kay Pov, women of status with the prostitutes, me with our sisters and brothers here in Haiti, slowly becoming right-relationships. The week where I physically did less, where I was the recipient of attention, I was exactly where I was supposed to be, doing exactly what I was supposed to. My inability to go forth allowed others to become the protagonists in the story, in their community – my true desire. The people in Kay Pov received manicures, pedicures, haircuts, shaving, hairstyling, bathing, clean clothes, and love in actions, love in deeds. The women tending them rejoice from seeing the happiness and gratitude of the people in Kay Pov. Exultations flow out of us all.
I’m in better health now, and I am seeing the fruits of God´s work through us. As the people of Jean-Rabel turn their eyes, their heart, and their hands to Kay Pov, with the daily food, the accessible water (in the works), the willing and dedicated hands and ears, the time for my hands to tend to other forgotten ones may come sooner than I thought. As our Love continuously reminds me, it´s better when I am not in control and I just follow the Spirit one minute at a time.

There's more to share, I'll write soon.

With you,


  1. A big "secret" to be learned again and again. Everything works for the best when the Holy Spirit is in control. I am glad your health has improved. Take good care of yourself. I am so glad your dear people could feel like human beings again, both the helped and the helpers. Neida

  2. I am glad that you wrote and are doing better. I seemed to know that you were sick again and I have been praying for your recovery. I am glad that the Lord heard my prayers so that you could return to your very important ministry to those who so much need your kind words and loving hands.

  3. Isn't people amazing??. You seem to be learning as much from them as they are from you.
    Love you lots Luisely, stay healthy!

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  5. :)
    Dear, dear Luisely,
    You are so covered in God's Grace. I am constantly amazed. You are being prayed for every morning at Mass. Love you so much!
    Always in Christ,