Monday, June 28, 2010

Ms. Magnificient Mango Tree

Yesterday Rose, Jara and I decided to take the day as a retreat day. We all went our separate ways after breakfast. My destination for the day was a magnificent mango tree that stands royally behind the house. I took my little sack filled it with a water bottle, a few books, my notebook, a pencil and nail clipper. Off I went. I took off my shoes, left my red sack in a nook created by the offset of three main branches and climbed. I listened to the tree, massaged her trunk and branches with my feet as I explored her beauties. Early on in my climb I noticed that some of her seemingly healthy branches were rotten, so my level of concentration as I ascended into new heights arose. I found a comfy spot and gazed into the horizon, setting eye on mountains, hills, and sights never before seen (to my eyes at least :). After marinating in that beauty I decided to explore other heights and branches in the mango tree. I descended and ascended, calculating my steps, attentive and willing to venture off more. At the time for the sun to set I found a perfect nook way high in the branches where I could see the sun snuggle into mountain's crevices at a distance. The wind swayed the high branches rocking me to sleep. I noticed the danger in falling asleep as such heights so decided it may be time for me to say farewell to my treasured friend.

On my way down, my level of concentration lessened because I decided that if I got down in time I could take a little walk with Jara before nightfall. Half way down one of the branches I relied on snapped. I don't know what happened next, but when I opened my eyes next I was laying face down on a few rocks around the tree. Following my recognition that I was neither dead nor paralyzed I stood up and started walking around, checking for any broken bones. I could walk. I went up stairs and started washing up when Jara found me. I told her I was fine, but the scratches and blood told her otherwise. Confusion flushed Jara, "How can you be radiating when you are all torn up?" I beamed with joy, I was alive and well. I could move, and I had shared such moments of peace in the mango tree. She helped bathe me (I didn't have much range of motion on my right shoulder), disinfected and bandaged my wounds, and dressed me. Today we are off to the hospital to see if we can see a doctor. The body is AMAZING! The way it knows how to heal you and what to do and what not to do. This morning I woke up and could brush my teeth with my right hand. I am fine, just a bit bruised up, but I am fine.

I'll let you know what the doctor says. Ooo, the pictures, well there are three as you can tell. The one to the left is Ms. Magnificent Mango Tree. The middle one is where I landed (notice the cement well right beside where I landed, I tell you it wasn't my time to die). The one to the right is showing the height of a coconut tree that neighbors the mango tree which I climbed above. During my retreat in Ms. Magnificent I talked to God saying, "if today is my day to go I feel peace, I feel I am exactly where I am supposed to be." Uff, what a lesson of humility.

With you,



  1. It appears as if Mr. Magnificent Mango Tree was telling you "Take care of me for I'm old too".
    Bisous ma petite pas singe!

  2. Eek gad, Luisely! You had me in legitimate suspense for a few moments/sentences there!

    I'm glad you're alright. I once had a similarly rough fall. I was in a public place (beside a lake at a nearby university). When I got up from the fall, an elderly woman who was 15 feet away asked me if I was alright. She saw the whole thing go down. I told her I thought I was okay, but at the end of my sentence, I realized that my fall had ripped my pant's zipper and that I was standing before her in boxers with my shorts around my ankles! So... after I pulled up my pants, I walked about 100 yards. Then I thought my shoulder was feeling warm, so when I reached up to inspect it, I felt my collar bone broken clean apart inside my skin. It was quite a surprise for someone who had never broken a bone!

    So when you said you walked away and checked yourself for injury, that's what I was glad to see did not happen. :-)

  3. Well I went to the hospital and all my bones are intact :), I'm just severely banged up. But not to worry, the bruises and scratches will heal. The deeper bruises on my lower right shoulder and mid-back will take a little longer to heal. The doctor said it would be a good idea to move the shoulder little by little testing my range of motion, sort of like a self-implemented physical therapy session throughout the days, until I have my full range of motion back. (I started yesterday. ;)

  4. After I realized you were ok, you made me laugh. I treasure people who make me laugh. I understand your zest for life but I wish you would take care of yourself. The Lord needs you strong and healthy.

  5. I said before that you have a very good guardian angel, and I think that is now proven. God bless you and keep you safe. Love, Janet

  6. when are you coming back home to fort walton, i want to see you again.
    It is a shame i didn't have enought time to share with you, before you went to haiti.
    And i want to see you before a deploy.
    cesar salgado