Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Receive the Holy Spirit." John 20:22

Before starting the blog I felt such anxiety about it. I knew it was part of my mission, but dreaded sharing my writing and my experience in such an intimate way with the great (or small) unknown (or known) audience. My ego was behind this too, since I have this warped idea that everything I write must inspire and transmit love and humility, and that I control the outcome.

The day following my mini-break-down about the blog with Mami, I went to mass. God had fun with me and said, “Write down, therefore, what you have seen, and what is happening, and what will happen afterwards” (Rev. 1:19). Laughing, I smiled and grabbed Mami’s hand. The Holy Spirit will be with me and is with me as I write you this letter, as I learn Creole, as I walk with you and our brothers and sisters in Jean-Rabel.

May we be present and embrace our journey.

With you,


  1. Mi querida Láska,
    I wanted to reiterate how PROUD I am of you. I will miss you dearly, amiga del alma, but (*sniff*) I know you are doing what Diosito has called you to do. Que El te bendiga grandemente, que derrame el Espiritu sobre ti para que te ilumine en todo. I love you and shall now stalk your blog so that I may grow with you in this experience. Besitos muñeca :*

    Love always,

  2. ahi i miss you so much, ur blog made me feel as if we wer in the room, me you and stephanie and you wer telling us about the wonderful adventure your about to embark on... -yesi

  3. Luisely,
    Our paths crossed very briefly at Maryknoll last Summer but our conversation and connection has stayed with me. Just want you to know that I am praying for you and think that what you are doing is wonderful and beautiful and I look forward to following your journey...until we meet again! Stay well womyn! Kate Gerne

  4. Hey!!!!! It's ok to be nervous!!! You are going to do great!!!

  5. Wow! I will definitely follow this blog. I am always proud and inspired by the decisions you make. I just got back from a trip to Peru I made 2 weeks ago. I was also in Peru back in November. I will be returning there again a couple more times next year. After I improve my Spanish, maybe I can turn my attention to learning Creole ;) - Ryan

  6. I wanted so very much to connect!!! but my skills are limited. Anyhow, it is wonderful to hear from you. May the Holy Spirit remain with you and the sisters. Today is my designated day to pray for the poor and vulnerable. I'm praying for all Haitians and, of course, for you. Neida

  7. Luisely! I swear that your text message the other day gave me the biggest smile ever! I was so happy to hear from you for just a second and know that you're doing something amazing. I truly wish you from the bottom of my heart that all goes well! Do you have skype? I'd love to catch up with you one day when you have some free time! Best of luck with everything you do in Haiti, may God bless your path! I'm so proud of you :)

    Love and miss you! xoxo

    - Jenny

  8. Luisely,
    I got your text late Monday night, and was thinking: "who could this be from and what is it?" ...I was really happy to see it was from you and excited to read that you are following the inspiration, your intuition, to do good work in Haiti. Your blog gives me something to look forward to reading. As you share your experience and thoughts, it's like I'm there with you too--traveling and meeting new people and cultures really opens our eyes as we share what life we encounter. I wish you all the best, and thank you, again for all your insight when we met last. Your spirit and that which fills you shines through and the inspiration you know really impressed me in a way I can't fully describe. Love to you and in your work!