Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baptism in Rain

I'm still in Port-au-Prince. I am with the Sisters of Jesus and Joseph. We went to visit some friends that used to be neighbors who they haven't seen since the earthquake. Driving through Port-au-Prince you see people walking, sitting, working, and continuing life, but there is no way to ignore the devastation of the quake. Collapse buildings still create detours in the streets and tents are seen everywhere, not only in the refugee camps, but also in the streets infront of people's houses. The trauma from the earthquake and the cracks in the infustructure leave people with fear, so even if their house is still standing they sleep in tents outside. Which is where we sleep here. With this new way of life has come a new term, "Men of the Night," who take advantage of the insecure abodes and rape women. So a number of women, come to sleep in the security of the walls protecting the sisters' property. Falling asleep I listened to the music, the laughter, the dogs, the birds, and the pigs and then came the rain. A rain that cooled the air enough for all to sleep through the night.

With you,

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  1. Hola Luiselly! Lamento oir de las cosas que están pasando en Puerto Principe. Emmanuel y yo estamos orando mucho por ti y por tu misión. Sabes que paito Dios te está protegiendo mucho, y está a tu ladito. Sabes que nos haces una falta tremenda. Te cuento que tu sobrino está creciendo mucho y ya falta menos que antes para traerlo al mundo. Te queremo mucno y te admiramos. Espero verte ya para hablar más de tus experiencias. Se que estás en una misionsita, pero por fi ora mucho por mi, yo se que papito Dios olle mucho a las personitas como tu! TE KIERO MI VIDA! Un besote y un abrazo! MHUA!