Tuesday, February 8, 2011

between 127th and 123rd

I pressed the brake, slowly transitioning to a halt as my eyes made their way to the sky.

probably thousands, of birds,
all black,
enjoying themselves in the wind
or standing on the electrical wires between 127th Ave. and 123rd Ct. 

It’s still winter so masses flock to the South hovering over the streets of Miami.

I marveled at the uncountable amount of black birds standing so intimately with me. I observed as some decided, seemingly in synchrony, to unhook their claws and open their wings swaying in circular paths with the wind. The grace and elegance of these birds left me without thought, without breath (for a moment). Sadly, the light changed and I moved passed 123rd Ct. to 122nd Ave. where the only evidence of the phenomenon were five birds- a group of three perched on the wires and, a little further, a couple flying above me.

I knew that God spoke to me through those birds; my awe left me with no intellectual conclusion, so I simply prayed, “One day, let me understand what you wished to tell me with this.”

I took it as an utter manifestation of Love
and three days later saw it as a reminder…

The reason I visited Miami in the first place was to understand God’s will of how I should continue accompanying the people in Kay Pov and the women who are continuing the work there.

So many good intentioned voices recommended this or that and I found myself forgetting that I am like those black birds. Not only am I part of a bigger whole, not only will the wind guide me, but I must soar with two wings. One of the Catholic Church’s treasures is seeing that charity and justice must exist simultaneously, like the two wings on the birds. Not using one more than the other, not esteeming one more than the other, but using both in order to glide in the currents of wind God sends us.

Now I pray, “Let me be like the birds in their equilibrium, in their trust, in their solidarity.”

With you,

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  1. Hi Luisely,

    I tried to contact you some weeks ago, but unfortunately your email-address didn´t work. Maybe you can write me something to the one I gave you in Miami.

    Many regards from Germany,