Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the journey continues

I am in Florida now. God's gentle way of transitioning me from Jean Rabel to South Florida is through a little boy in my college roommate's womb. That little one fills my heart with hope and new life in such a perfect way after Haiti and my farewell from all those I left. I'm tending to my dear friend in her 40th week of pregnancy. The stories of my journey here: my farewells, cholera, the hurricane, the baby's birth and all the stories to come will be posted. I will continue writing and will continue being with you. I have no internet access for now (slightly ironic), but will go posting as the opportunities arise.

With you,


  1. The Lord is granting you a very especial present with the coming of that baby and the opportunity to care for both. In the Respect Life Ministry I am trying to instill the inclusion of the human dignity at all stages of life. May God continue to shower his blessings on you. A prayer for the newborn and his mother. Viva la vida!!!! Neida

  2. Continued prayers ...
    Always in love,