Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Holy Ground

I took off my shoes and let the mud squish through my toes from Kay Pov home.

“Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” Exodus 3:5

Papi and Marcos came for six days. Each day they were in Kay Pov building a shower, walkway and stairs to the shower. Papi left his shoes behind.

Marcos took a ball and played in front of the house with a group of boys of all ages, all barefoot, sliding in the mud and rocks.

One of Lisanne’s sons picked her body up from the morgue and took his dad, Daniel, with him. He left his mismatched, oversized flip-flops in the empty room.

Now Tiffany sleeps in their room with her brother for protection. Three weeks ago she slept without him; someone entered, abused her, leaving her forehead with a welt covering half of it and a broken lip. She takes off her flip-flops before entering the room.

The committee in Kay Pov is working! Yvka has been officially hired. The Fonkoze account is open both for Haitian deposits and US deposits. Letters have been written to local organizations to ensure a monthly influx of food in Kay Pov. The lady who washes the clothes and sheets of those in Kay Pov will now have ensured pay. She walks with her bare feet on the ground.

Take off your sandals for you are on Holy ground. Exodus 3:5

With you,



  1. Time away: the generator seemed to charge the modem too much too suddenly, so all our internet afars paused. The technician came in from Port-au-Prince yesterday and let us borrow his for a month until another finds its way over to Jean Rabel from the captial.

    I'm excited that we're back in touch.

  2. I'm happy for you and for the people...well, happy for the good news. I'm sorry for Tiffany. I met a young lady who is working for a social work degree. I told her about you and your work. She was with Campus Ministry from Florida International University. My parish is across from the university. Love and blessings. Neida